Move-Out Checklist

Thank you for giving us advanced notice that you are moving. Now that you are moving
out, your lease agreement requires that you leave your unit in a clean and undamaged
condition. We have every intention of returning all of your security deposit as long as you
have fulfilled your agreement with us.

  • Cooperate with the showing of the residence for the re-rental, keeping it in
    presentable condition.
  • Begin to put out all unwanted items for trash or special pick-up.
  • Remove ALL food, debris, and other personal belonging.
  • Clean refrigerator and defrost if necessary
  • Clean stovetop, oven and any other appliances.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Clean all floors and shampoo carpet.
  • Report any and all damage in writing.
  • Upon leaving, please be sure to fully secure the unit by locking all windows and
    doors. The designated place to leave all keys to your unit is with the property
    manager and or the landlord.

After you have vacated the unit, it will be inspected for compliance with your lease
agreement and the expense of cleaning or repairing damage, if any, will be charged
against your security deposit. You will be notified by mail of any charges and your
security deposit refund. Good luck in your new home.